Tag - Indie Game

Ecotone – game review

Taking place in a world that is a hybrid between cute and nightmarish, Ecotone isn’t your average platformer and not for those who aren’t big fans of...

Spacejacked – game review

'Spacejacked' is a retro-inspired tower-defense game that combines strategic weapon placement along with high-speed alien blasting in order to defend...

Pixel Slime U – game review

The fourth game produced by Nintendo indie developer RCMADIAX comes in the form of Pixel Slime U - an auto-scrolling platformer that challenges the...

Roving Rogue – game review

Roving Rogue for Wii U is a retro-inspired platformer with a twist - it begins immediately after the protagonist has defeated the "final boss". Grab...

Don’t Crash – game review

Don't Crash for Wii U is a tiny game with, to be frank, not much to do. Press the A button to change lanes, and avoid a crash at all costs.

Teslagrad – game review

Teslagrad is a 2D platforming adventure where the main focus is platforming and puzzle solving while using the of powers of electricity and magnetism.

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