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Alwa’s Awakening – game review

Alwa's Awakening is an NES-inspired action/adventure side-scroller that brings back the nostalgia of the 80's. The game features many old-school...

Rise & Shine – game review

The game is impressive at the onset with all aspects of the game feeling quite fresh and exciting. And while many of these aspects do hold up, the...

PSIBO – game review

There is some fun to be had, but it requires self motivation for long gaming sessions to be worth while.

Chime Sharp – game review

Chime Sharp is an interesting hybrid of music and puzzle-based gameplay following in the footsteps of its 2009 predecessor, Chime, for XBox 360. The...

Ecotone – game review

Taking place in a world that is a hybrid between cute and nightmarish, Ecotone isn’t your average platformer and not for those who aren’t big fans of...

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