My favorite projects that screened at this year's ITVFest, including Coded, It's a Hit!, Superior Living, Saving Unicorns, Fully Engaged, and Sauced in Translation.

This was my second year at ITVFest, which is an amazing independent television and film festival that takes places in Dover, VT. Last year I did a live version of The Geek Generation podcast and this year I was fortunate enough to be a part of the hosting team, so I moderated many Q&A sessions following the screenings. The amount of talent and love that goes into these projects can be felt through the screen, so I wanted to cast a spotlight on some of my favorites from the festival.

Please keep in mind that there’s simply no way to see absolutely everything, and the bulk of what I had the opportunity to see was the content I was hosting Q&As for. That being said, here are some of my favorite projects from the festival in no particular order.

It’s A Hit!

Nestled among the office parks of suburban Connecticut are the formidable headquarters of Cobra Mephisto & Leibowitz, the deadliest assassination firm in the Greater Northeast Region. Star assassin Samantha Steele (Abby Elliott) re-evaluates her career choice when she realizes that she’s losing her passion for killing people for money.


Shae, an idealistic teacher, embarks on a new job teaching five tenth graders with severe behavioural issues, all coded. As Shae gets drawn into his students’ personal lives, he finds himself in murky, ethical territory.

Superior Living

The show focuses on a modern day commentary on people who have lost a bit of reality. We watch how much our society has crossed the wires between being pretentious and proper. We wanted to utilize absurdity, but in a naturalistic way. Our characters feel real and authentic; however, through political correct language, technology, and the media, we showcase how much society has become absurd within itself.

Fully Engaged

“Fully Engaged” is a twelve episode web series about Erika and Danny, a nice, normal, engaged couple living in New York City. Sure, they come from different backgrounds and they’re on a tight budget, but they love each other and they have a strong sense of self, so planning a wedding won’t be as hard as everyone makes it out to be, right? WRONG!

Saving Unicorns

“Real Job”, “Real Relationship”, “Real Life”… is there such a thing? Everywhere Sady Hart looks, people are getting married, having kids, buying houses, getting promotions … all the Trade Marks of an accomplished adult. For Sady, getting her laundry done is an accomplishment. Sady keeps waiting for Real Adult Life (RAL) to kick in – that long term, organized life plan she is “supposed” to be following.

Sauced in Translation

Howie is a on a quest to redefine American food around the globe! 1st stop: China! After diving into local cuisine for inspiration, he cooks up an American classic for whoever is willing to dare! Will they run back to KFC or be Sauced in Translation?


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