I love Michael Giacchino's music, but the similarities between the two can't be ignored. Judge for yourself.

I went to go see Doctor Strange last night and enjoyed it immensely, but there was one aspect of the movie that pulled me out of the experience repeatedly, and that was the music. Don’t get me wrong, the score is great, but the theme that was conjured up for Doctor Strange (yeah, I just did that) is oddly similar to the theme of 2009’s Star Trek. Every time I heard it I couldn’t help but think of the similarity, and then I understood why when I saw Michael Giacchino’s name appear in the credits, as he served as the composer of both Doctor Strange and Star Trek. I’m certainly no expert in music, so maybe I’m off base here, but I’ll let you be the judge.

Here are some examples of the similarities I heard. First, the main theme of Star Trek

Then, compare that to these two tracks from the Doctor Strange soundtrack that highlight the main theme…

(start around 2:11 if the video doesn’t jump there)

(start around 0:30 if the video doesn’t jump there)

Are you hearing what I’m hearing? Please tell me I’m not crazy.

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  • Just saw the movie myself and I had that exact same reaction. Because of the similarity It took me out of the movie, just as you said! I came looking to see if anyone else had the same reaction! Glad I am not alone!

  • You’re solidly planted in the middle of home plate. There’s nothing subtle about it – it’s the same base theme using pseudo oriental instruments instead of Western orchestra.

  • you are not at all crazy. I went with a friend yesterday as well and thought *I* was crazy, and then he said “did you hear the Star Trek theme in there?”

    I guess what i would like to know is if it was purposeful, a sort of homage (tho i don’t understand what sort of homage), or unconscious, or if this is simply motifs that he likes and *will* repeat …..

  • You’re not crazy, I thought the movie was great but the music was a huge huge distraction for me. All I could think was “They stole the actor AND the soundtrack from Star Trek???” Definitely could’ve been a little more original with the music, even if the soundtrack in itself wasn’t bad.

  • I heard it too. I thought maybe I imagined it. Of course the two themes aren’t identical but they share enough to catch the ear.

  • Yes this was my thought also which lead me to this page. Hey it works for both movies. But perhaps the composer underestimated an audience’s memory.

  • The first time I heard the theme in the film, it was kind of in the background so I thought maybe he was goofing on Benedict being in Star Trek.

    Perhaps he can sue himself for royalties?

  • I’ve seen the same thing with Clint Mansell (compare Lux Aeterna- Requiem for a Dream vs. Dead Reckoning- Smokin’ Aces). I think composers have a melody stuck, or maybe the people at Marvel specifically asked him in make it ‘as awesome as Star Trek’s theme”. etc…?

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