Rob and Volpe discuss Spider-Man joining the MCU, new LEGO games, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and Rob reveals his Top 10 Hollywood Crushes of 2014.

Host: Rob Logan
Co-host: Mike Volpe

The Geek Generation – #221 – Spider-Crushing

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snowpocalypse 2015 - shoveled driveway

Tonight, I watched the series finale of my favorite show of all time, and couldn’t help tearing up just as I did when I first saw it. Rewatching the series from the beginning over the last few years has reminded me of how important it is to me. Growing up, my love for the show resulted in me being picked on and made fun of. It was one of many reasons I felt like an outsider, as being a geek wasn’t a mainstream thing like it is now. On the other hand, it also served as a way to bond with one of my longest and closest friends who I consider a part of my family to this day. It also opened my mind to the possibilities of a better future, as Star Trek has always taken an optimistic view of humanity, showing us how good we could become. During the recent years I’ve spent rewatching the show, I’ve also had the privilege of meeting Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner, John de Lancie, and most importantly LeVar Burton, who has always been a hero of mine. I try to introduce the show to those I care about, if I think they’d be interested, because I feel like I’m not just sharing a television show, but a piece of what makes me who I am. I had put off watching the finale for a week or so after finishing everything else because I didn’t want it to be over again, but as they say, all good things… #StarTrek #TheNextGeneration #StarTrekTNG #Trekkie #geek

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