Jasco Games has successfully reached their initial Kickstarter goal to produce an officially licensed board game starring Capcom's blue bomber.

Jasco Games has successfully reached their initial Kickstarter goal to produce an officially licensed board game starring Capcom’s blue bomber. Over the decades, Mega Man has seen moderately successful trading card games in the US and in Japan but this is the first that the world has seen of an officially licensed board game. Although Jasco Games has stated that their mission is to give their beloved Mega Man a great 25th anniversary gift, delivery of this product is estimated for October of 2014.

From what can be seen, up to four players will take control of a Mega Man piece and travel around the board to defeat the robot masters and then take on Wiley himself. The official rules have yet to be revealed but more can be seen in the trailer below.

“In the year 20XX, Jasco Games created Mega Man™ the Board Game. Destined to grace tabletops everywhere, the board game takes the classic formula that made the original Blue Bomber so memorable and transfers it to a whole new arena. This officially licensed board game brings gamers and board game enthusiasts everything they love about Mega Man: iconic robot masters, sinister villains, incredible power ups, and polished game play. ” – Kickstarter description

How to Get Your Own

Backing this game is rather pricey – the lowest contribution that will net supporters an actual copy of this game is $70 (plus shipping if you are outside of the United States). For those who just want to support the project, smaller denominations can be donated with the potential to receive special figurines. A few stretch goals have been met with more on the way. Those already completed include alternate Mega Man game pieces, additional robot masters, and perhaps other playable characters.

With 18 days left and the project already funded 3-fold, it’s likely there could be major added content between now and production. The game can be followed on its Kickstarter page as well as its page on Facebook. Will you be supporting this game? Let us know if you’ll be backing this project and if you pledged enough to get your own copy!

Mega Man The Board Game - game contents

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