Aside from some frustrations with level design, Rush Bros. is a solid multiplayer racing platformer.

Rush Bros. is a new game available for digital download on Steam for PC and Mac, at the price of $9.99. ($3.39 for a limited time as part of Steam’s Summer Sale)

Here’s the official description:

Rush Bros. is a platform racing game like no other, featuring both local and online competitive play between two players, with fast and furious reactive level design where the music you play directly affects the movement of traps, obstacles and backgrounds while playing. Rush through unique levels jam-packed with puzzles and obstacles while trying to thwart and crush your competitor in a breakneck race to the finish. Online Multiplayer supports cross-platform play between PC and Mac gamers.

In Arcade mode you can learn the levels and race against ghost versions of yourself to perfect your best times. Remix allows you to alter your gameplay by turning on Fast Forward to speed everything up or Survival Mode
where the stakes are even higher, as there are no checkpoints and once you lose your life, you have to restart from the beginning.

Featuring select tracks from international music sensation Infected Mushroom, players experience 41 levels of hardcore side-scrolling platform racing action, including a special themed level where you play as Infected Mushroom founders Erez Eisen and Amit Duvdevani. Alternatively, turn DJ and rock out to your own MP3 or OGG digital music library.

The Good:

+ Eye-catching visual design
+ Enjoyable background music sets the game tone
+ Responsive controls
+ Instant and easy multiplayer connection
+ If you enjoy games of mastery and level memorization, this is for you
+ Ability to use your own music tracks

The Bad:

– Single player offers little aside from racing against the clock (just not my thing)
– Didn’t even realize there are background elements that respond to music until I starting using custom tracks
– Some levels feature frustratingly difficult jumps/challenges; enough to make me stop playing

[xrr rating=6/10]

Bottom Line: Aside from some frustrations with level design, Rush Bros. is a solid multiplayer racing platformer. It’s just not the type of game I personally enjoy, but you might.

Rush Bros. - screen single

Rush Bros. - screen multiplayer

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