A representative from Warner Brothers Animation has confirmed the cancellation of Young Justice and Green Lantern: The Animated Series.

A press release arriving from Cartoon Network earlier today did not include Young Justice or Green Lantern: The Animated Series on the list of returning shows. The unfortunate news of their cancellation was confirmed by a representative from Warner Brothers Animation to Newsarama.

In my opinion, Young Justice is currently the best superhero cartoon running on television, but made a mistake by time-jumping and going with the alien invasion angle. On the other hand, Green Lantern‘s early storyline was lackluster, but the show has greatly improved since having Hal Jordan join the GL Corps Honor Guard. Both series were hurt tremendously by taking huge breaks in between episodes. It was very difficult for viewers to keep track of when new episodes were going to air, something that had to negatively impact ratings.

Even though both series will conclude at the end of their current seasons, Cartoon Network’s DC Nation programming block will remain. The shows taking their spots will be the terrible-looking, CG-animated Beware the Batman, and Teen Titans Go!, a more comedic-toned version of the original Teen Titans series roster.

If this is the best you can do DC, I’m not impressed. Call me when you want to bring back Batman Beyond or Justice League.

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