The future of cars has officially been cleared.

Sources: CNN, VOA News

The future of cars has officially been cleared. Makers of the vehicle, which has been dubbed the Transition, say it’s a “roadable aircraft” designed to seamlessly shift from the road to the air and back again. The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration has cleared it for road use, and the FAA has cleared it as a “light sport aircraft.”

Carl Dietrich heads a company in Massachusetts called Terrafugia, who designed and built the Transition.

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He goes on to say that the Transition easily changes from an aircraft to a car.

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Terrafugia had to get special exemptions to use lighter-weight plastic windows instead of glass, and heavier than usual tires that could handle a landing and standard road-based driving.

Anyone with a valid driver’s license will be able to drive the car on the road, but if they want to fly the car, they’ll need at least a sport pilot’s license. The Transition can’t simply land right in front of your home. It has to be taken off and landed at the airport.

Currently, the cost of the Transition is about $250,000, and the company is taking reservations with a $10,000 deposit. About 100 cars have been reserved so far.

For even more information, visit the company’s official site at:

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  • and the future in Back to the Future is going to be real ! flying cars are happening!
    now all we need is 11 more Jaws movies between now and then