Valve has announced today that Team Fortress 2 is now completely free to play... for everyone... forever.

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Valve has announced today that Team Fortress 2 is now completely free to play… for everyone… forever.

The decision comes after much experimentation was done with the price point, and Valve’s Robin Walker discussed with develop the rationale behind this move.

The more we’ve experimented, the more we’ve learned there are fundamentally different kinds of customers, each with their own way of valuing the product.

Now that we’re shipping it, it feels like a fairly straightforward next step along the “Games as Services” path we’ve been walking down for a while now.

Right now we’re only planning on [monetizing by] using the items you can purchase from the in-game store.

Also, Valve has released this trailer introducing the Medic to the game:

To download the game, head on over to and snag it for FREE!!

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