Starting May 28, Naughty Dog is going to start rolling out "experimental playlists" for the multiplayer mode.

Starting May 28, Naughty Dog is going to start rolling out “experimental playlists” for the multiplayer mode. The new playlist, called “The Lab”, is described by the company as “a new playlist that will mix things up and maybe, possibly lead to updates or additions to the existing playlists in competitive Matchmaking.”

Here’s the current schedule for upcoming “The Lab” experiments:

May 28 – June 1
2 vs. 2 Team Deathmatch
Grab a partner for this small- to medium-size map mow-down. You’ve got 15 minutes to rack up 25 kills, or more than the other team, to prove your small-team superiority. I’m going to recommend now that you’re going to want to pick a reliable teammate you want to play with over the weekend…

June 11 – 14
Shotguns Only
We’re serving up short-range mayhem as all players and maps spawn with Moss-12 and Pistole only. Oh, and NO grenades.

June 25 – 28
Sniper Extermination
Two teams. Dragon Sniper rifles. One life per round. Best of 5 rounds takes the match win. Absolutely tense, totally tactical.

In celebration of the new mode, we’re getting another Double Cash Weekend lasting from Friday, May 28, 1:00 PM – Tuesday, June 1, 1:00 PM. (United States – Eastern Time)

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