Move over Titanic, there's a new heavyweight champion in town.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

It finally happened. As we all knew it would, Avatar has finally surpassed the worldwide record set 13 years ago by another James Cameron movie, Titanic, to become the largest grossing film of all time.

Distributor 20th Century Fox said the James Cameron mega-budget blockbuster’s worldwide cume — excluding Puerto Rico — was through the weekend just $2 million shy of “Titanic’s” global boxoffice record of $1.843 billion. (Boxoffice in Puerto Rico, although generated offshore, is considered by Fox as part of its domestic total.)

The distributor confirmed that “Titanic’s” historic benchmark fell as of early Monday.

“Avatar” rolled up an overseas cume through Sunday of $1.292 billion, exceeding by $50.1 million “Titanic’s” 13-year international boxoffice record of $1.242 billion. The foreign record actually fell Saturday, as earlier predicted.

Having never seen Titanic and having never wanted to, I’m glad to see the record being passed off to a film I feel is more worthy of the title.

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  • Having never seen Titanic, how can you conclude it wasn’t worthy of that title? And you should watch it – not because it’s a great movie (minus lame love scenes), but because of its historic value. You watch Titanic, and I’ll watch a Geek movie of your choice!

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