This edition of the Geek News Brief includes stories about a WandaVision spinoff featuring Agatha Harkness, a Star Lord T'Challa spinoff that didn't happen, and What If...?'s lost Season 1 episode.

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WandaVision spinoff featuring Agatha Harkness is in the works

A WandaVision spinoff starring Kathryn Hahn is in development at Disney Plus from Marvel Studios.

Hahn would reprise the role of Agatha Harkness in the series, which is described by sources as a dark comedy, though exact plot details remain under wraps. Should the spinoff go forward, WandaVision head writer Jac Schaeffer would serve as the writer and executive producer, with this being the first project Schaeffer has set up with Marvel since she signed an overall deal with them and 20th Television in May.

Star Lord T’Challa spinoff was in development before Boseman passed

Marvel’s What If…? head writer A.C. Bradley and director Bryan Andrews discussed the first season of the animated Disney+ series and plans for Season 2 during an interview with Variety, including that the creators were initially planning to spin off the Star Lord T’Challa character into his own show.

Said Andrews of the plans, “Chadwick had recorded his Star Lord T’Challa stuff early. But we had those later episodes that he appeared in sporadically, and it was a long stretch before we got him again. And it was not long after the final recording that he passed. But we got him in time to have everything for Season 1. I think he was also trying to make an effort because T’Challa was so important to him — and also this new version of Star Lord T’Challa was so important to him. He dug it.

I don’t know if he knew this, but there was planning to have Star Lord T’Challa spin off into his own show with that universe and crew. We were all very excited. We know he would have loved it, too. And then, you know, he passed, and so all that’s in limbo. So, who knows? Maybe one day.”

Marvel’s What If… producer talks about Season 1’s lost episode

Spoiler warning if you haven’t seen the season 1 finale of Marvel’s What If…?

While the season finale of Marvel’s What If…? brought back many of its previous heroes, there was one new addition: Gamora, The Destroyer of Thanos.

During a recent interview, What If…? executive producer and writer, A.C. Bradley, explained why the episode featuring this Gamora wasn’t completed in time for season 1.

What happened with the Gamora episode, there was originally supposed to be – early on in the season – a Tony and Gamora-centric episode. However, due to COVID and production delays, one of our amazing, amazing animation houses around the globe got hit pretty hard by the pandemic. And we were left with two choices: push the entire season to later this year, or push this one episode to season 2. We made the choice to push that episode to season 2, and hoped that seeing Gamora in the finale serves as a teaser for what is to come. In season two, it’ll almost be like a little bit of a prequel. We’ll see how Tony and Gamora became friends, because those two don’t even interact in the main MCU universe.”

When fans do get that episode, it apparently will be tonally in line with the more comedic offerings like the Party Thor episode.

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