This edition of the Geek News Brief includes stories about Alan Wake Remastered, a new Pokemon movie coming to Netflix, and an interactive WWE film starring The Undertaker.

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Alan Wake Remastered coming this Fall

Alan Wake, the acclaimed 2010 supernatural mystery by Remedy Entertainment, will be remastered and published this fall for present-day platforms, promising 4K resolutions, the original game’s two expansions, and director’s commentary.

Alan Wake Remastered is being published by Epic Games for PS4, PS5, PC via the Epic Games Store, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. This version includes the main game, originally launched in May 2010, and the DLC episodes “The Signal” and “The Writer.”

Originally published as an Xbox 360 exclusive, Alan Wake was Remedy’s first console launch since 2003’s Max Payne 2. It was nominated by several publications in their best-of lists for 2010, and picked up three British Academy Video Game Awards nominations, and one from the Spike Video Game Awards.

New Pokemon movie coming to Netflix next month

The first trailer for the next entry in the Pokemon movie franchise has been revealed, with Pokemon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle set to release next month on Netflix.

Set within the forest of Okoya, the film will center on Koko, a human boy who has been raised by the Mythical Pokémon Zarude. Since he’s grown up only around Pokémon, Koko believes without a doubt that he is a Pokémon, but a chance meeting with Ash and Pikachu leaves him with his first interaction with another human and might have him questioning his own past.

Alongside the news of the film and trailer, fans of the Pokémon series can also grab some in-game treats to celebrate the upcoming film as well. In their announcement, The Pokémon Company announced that they would be giving out Dada Zarude and a Shiny Celebi to owners of Pokémon Sword or Pokémon Shield. All players have to do is sign up for the Pokémon Trainer Club newsletter and opt-in for email marketing by September 25, 2021, and they should receive an email with a password for both Pokémon.

Pokemon the Movie: Secrets of the Jungle is currently set to release on October 8, 2021, exclusively on Netflix.

WWE’s interactive film Escape the Undertaker coming to Netflix in October

Netflix and WWE have announced their next project together. Escape the Undertaker is an interactive horror movie that’s coming to the streamer on October 5th, just in time for Halloween.

The movie stars the legendary Undertaker, along with Big E, Xavier Woods, and Kofi Kingston, who comprise The New Day, one of WWE’s most popular teams of the last decade. The film sees the trio visit The Undertaker’s mansion, which turns out to be an extreme haunted house, packed to the brim with supernatural challenges. You’ll decide the fate of The New Day as the group tries to survive the wrath of The Undertaker.

Other WWE-related fictional projects have landed on Netflix over the last few years, including a sitcom called The Big Show Show and The Main Event, a movie in which a kid becomes a wrestler after finding a magical mask. The latest offering will add to Netflix’s growing library of interactive content.

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