The Dark Three check in with a quick update and a few comments.

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The Dark Three check in with a quick update and a few comments.

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Rob Logan

Rob is a movie buff, computer whiz, gamer, huge Batman fan, and above all... a geek. In addition to being the Founder and Host of The Geek Generation, he is also a photographer, graphic designer, certified clinical hypnotherapist, a former professional wrestler, and a current superhero.

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  • Not so sure the numbers in the church refer to the Bible.
    Usually numbers posted in the front of churches are the Hymn numbers in the hymnbook to be sung during the service that day. What denomination does Saint Christopher’s church in Winden belong to?
    It can’t be Roman Catholic because priests can’t marry. Is it a Lutheran church? I understand Germany is at least legally still a Lutheran country. Could the translation of the word for “priest” in DARK be wrong? Do they really mean to say Noah is a Pastor? Because Lutherans do call their ministers Pastor, and so do Roman Catholics. Just thinking the numbers could be from the official state Lutheran Hymn book for the years depicted, say 1953. Something to investigate.
    Been listening to your podcast daily while I cook for the past two weeks since I finished watching DARK. You guys are really excellent! Enjoying your discussions a lot. I need more of DARK! It’s okay to use my email and name on the podcast if you want. Thanks for stimulating conversation about my favorite show, DARK!

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