Tag - Pumpkinberry

Tick Tock

The Dark Three follow Helge through his life, from the abuse of his childhood to his all-consuming conviction to undo the past in his older age. They...

Then Together

The Dark Three explore the unbreakable duo Franziska & Magnus: Revealing a theory on why the two stuck with Sic Mundus, the struggles of emotional...

Lovers in a Dangerous Time

Mirggles, Acorn, and PB take a look at the role of love in Dark. They deep dive on character relationships, have mind-blowing revelations about a...

The Ride or Die Woman

In this episode, Acorn, Mirggles, and PB unpack Katharina, exploring her perseverance, intense loyalty, and the tragedy of her trauma.

The Man With No Future

In this episode, PB, Acorn, and Mirggles unpack Ulrich, dissecting his perceived failures, helplessness, and the trap of his own self destructive...

The Gotham Adventure

PB and Rob say hi to Rob’s new cat Gotham, and talk about yoga and fitness, The Old Guard, Palm Springs, and old school Netflix.

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