The Dark Three read a couple of emails regarding their episode about The Unknown. They discuss whether they still feel they gave The Unknown a fair shake, a huge theory from a listener that will come up again in later episodes, and why it's always important to have a "Ryan in The Room".

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Radio Winden – A Fairer Shake for the Unknown

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The Dark Three read a couple of emails regarding their episode about The Unknown. They discuss whether they still feel they gave The Unknown a fair shake, a huge theory from a listener that will come up again in later episodes, and why it’s always important to have a “Ryan in The Room”.

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  • Dear Dark 3,
    I want to respond to your podcast and Radio Winden about the Unknown.
    I really feel the creators of Dark had a ton of additional ideas and information that they
    Could have used for at least one to two more seasons of the series. I agree with your thoughts that someone, maybe a producer from NetFlix, stepped in on the filming of Season 3 and forced them to wrap things up and end it at Season 3. Unfortunately the creators will never reveal if this is what happened. I think that Jantje and Bo painted a picture for Netflix promising to wrap things up in 3 Seasons. Then when they approached NetFlix about adding another season or even just 5 more episodes, they got a flat NO for an answer. So they were painted into a corner and forced to put out a very rushed and disconnected feeling final season. We will never know. I personally feel that to some extent the Unknown was a plot device ; that they had perhaps intended to flesh out his life story and also the story of Alt World and all of the versions of Martha’s group there. They just were out of time. I heard or read an interview of I think it was Lisa and Louis, where they both say they were not told the way the story ends until mid season 3. They said they were shocked by the ending at first, but came to accept it. NetFlix has a habit of only allowing shows to run for 3 Seasons with 8 episodes each and then ending it abruptly. The same thing is happening to another of my favorite shows “The Last Kingdom” which started out on BBC for 2 seasons and then Netflix stepped in and picked it up. And now it is being ended after 3 seasons on Netflix production. There are 13 books written by the great author Bernard Cornwell that they might have done. So I think this is just a NetFlix production policy, even for popular shows.
    I still love DARK the most of any tv series ever, but Season 3 is very weak in comparison to the first 2 seasons. The Unknown should have had time to be fleshed out and be a person we could relate to. My personal feeling is that Martha would never raise her child with any version of Jonas without love. The upbringing and that love should have had time to be shown and character development done. Sadly time ran out and it is what it is. I also do not like the ending interpreted as complete annihilation of Martha and Jonas. My interpretation is that Jonas and Martha are eternal Soulmates who will always find each other and be together in every time or world. I really love the theory you read from someone on Reddit, I think it was; that when Hannah looks at us and says she loves the name “Jonas,” he is already on his way to being born into the Origin World, and so will Martha be born there, and it is the beginning of a new and beautiful cycle. Like the butterfly emerging from the chrysalis. Jonas and Martha are perfect for each other; never believe anything else. I won’t.
    I just am saddened that I will not get to see our beloved actors together in that new world.
    Thank you for a very well done podcast and wonderful discussions about the great MASTERPIECE that is DARK. I will be rewatching and be theorizing about it for the rest of my life.
    Is there any chance you wonderful ladies would occasionally revisit DARK and put out a Radio Winden Update on any new thoughts or theories you have in the future? I don’t want to see this totally end. You are very special as is DARK. It is all connected.
    Feel free to read my message on the air and use my name if you wish to.
    Wishing you all the best, from Texas! Pat

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