Malloy and Mercer infiltrate a Krill destroyer to obtain a copy of their holy text.

Malloy and Mercer infiltrate a Krill destroyer to obtain a copy of their holy text.

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  • This episode is a perfect mirror:

    The Krill raid in small parties in Union space, wreak havoc and kill indiscriminately, not caring about what they do, nonchalantly over dinner discussing eradicating a whole planet.

    Malloy and Mercer raid the Krill in exactly the same way, with their displayed ignorance perfectly mirroring the “don’t care” attitude about everything the krill have. For me, that is why it is jarring, why you kind of WANT them to fail, they go on the same level – almost – of cruelty. If their cruelty isn’t even deeper, killing the whole crew with the children to go home and tell the tale, creating Ahabs in their wake.

    • I don’t really get this whole “OMG, they killed everybody on board” problem…
      They are in a WAR with them, and those were soldiers on a warship (in contrast with the settlers the Krill wanted to kill).
      And I don’t see this moralization when they just blow them up with a good aimed shot of a torpedo. Or is it fine just because we haven’t got to see the children (trainees) on board?

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