Watch our interview with The Expanse's Cas Anvar from San Diego Comic Con 2018.

Rob Logan got to chat with The Expanse’s Cas Avnar at this year’s San Diego Comic Con.

About his experience at SDCC, Cas said, “I don’t know what has happened since season three [of The Expanse], but I guess either they loved season three so much or they’re so excited because they lost something they loved when it got cancelled by Syfy and then it got picked up again by Amazon Prime… that now they’re all just energized and juiced up and everyone’s excited for season four.”

He went on to talk about the passion of The Expanse‘s fandom, crediting those fans with giving the show what it needed to get Amazon’s attention.

“The fans took charge, they took hold. When we lost the show to Syfy, there was a massive mourning; we were all grieving. The fans started going wild. They started talking to Syfy. They started sending things out. They started flying banners over things.”

After reaching out to Syfy and the production company and finding out what was needed to save the show, Cas took to social media to transform the many fan efforts that were going on and focus those efforts like a laser beam into where they needed to be directed.

“If you want us, this is the only chance you have to get us back. Watch the show live, get the ratings up, watch it and record it… they moved a mountain. The next episode that we watched, the ratings bumped up double digits. Because that happened, Amazon started listening and then Syfy actually woke up again, and then they started having talks with the production company and within a week Amazon picked it up.”

Season four of The Expanse should be released in full, allowing fans to binge the entire season at their own pace. Cas wants to make sure to maintain the relationship with the fandom, and is actively brainstorming ideas in which they can still discuss or live tweet as people are watching.

If you have an idea, drop one in the comments below or fire a tweet to Cas Anvar himself.

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