The Veronica Mars Movie Project is asking fans to put their money where their mouth is and finally make a Veronica Mars movie happen.

For years following the end of the series, Veronica Mars fans have been asking for a movie. This fan demand comes up a lot for shows that go off-air before their time, but few actually make it happen. (Kudos to you Firefly)

It looks as though the cast of Veronica Mars wants this movie to happen as badly as the fans and is asking those loyal fans to put their money where their mouth is. Earlier today, The Veronica Mars Movie Project launched on Kickstarter. Show creator Rob Thomas needs to hit $2 million in the next 30 days to prove to Warner Bros. that the fan interest is really there. If successful, Warner Bros. has already agreed to distribute the movie, which would shoot this summer for a planned “early 2014” release.

The fans certainly aren’t disappointing either. At the time of this posting, the campaign has already reached over $1.5 million with over 23,000 backers. It’s also the fastest project to reach $1 million on Kickstarter, doing so in just 4 hours and 24 minutes.

UPDATE: At 8:55 PM EST, the campaign officially broke the $2 million goal. This movie is happening!!

I personally haven’t watched Veronica Mars, but I’m still tempted to throw my cash their way. It’s not completely about the movie, but the paradigm shift that it represents. This campaign puts the power in the hands of fans, and as they’re proving here, if the fans truly care, they WILL respond. A win for Veronica Mars is a win for every TV show that was rushed off the air too soon. Prove this business model to Hollywood now, and you might just see your favorite show return on the big screen in the future.

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