We're thrilled to be giving away a copy of The Official Digimon Adventure Set: The Complete Second Season, along with other great Digi-prizes.

In anticipation of its upcoming release on March 26th, we’re thrilled to be giving away a copy of The Official Digimon Adventure Set: The Complete Second Season, along with other great Digi-prizes.

In order to win, all you need to do is leave a comment below that answers the following question:

If you could have a digital pet, what would it be?

One Grand Prize winner will receive The Official Digimon Adventure Set: The Complete Second Season.

Digimon - Complete Season 2 - DVD coverFour years after Tai, Mimi and the rest of the DigiDestined brought peace to the digital world and found their way back home, the Digimon Emperor–a new villain–threatens the world and its Digital Monsters. With some of the original kids off to high school, a new generation is chosen to defend and save the world from evil.

Davis, Yolei, Cody, and Ken join T.K and Kari to form the new Digidestined team. Together they journey back to the Digital World to battle dark forces and free all the Digital Monsters from their control.

For the first time ever DIGIMON ADVENTURE SEASON 02 (the direct sequel to Digimon Adventure Season 01) is available in an 8-disc official collector s set, complete with all 50 episodes!

Three First Prize winners will receive Digimon Adventure: Volume 2.

Digimon - Volume 2 - DVD coverExplore the Digital World with Tai, Matt, Sora, Izzy, Mimi, Joe, T.K., Kari and their Digimon in DIGIMON ADVENTURE: VOLUME 2. This 3-DVD set includes 18 episodes of the classic DIGIMON ADVENTURE series and follows the group as they learn the identity of the eighth DigiDestined child.

By now all the Crests have been gathered, but in VOLUME 2 the kids must defeat Myotismon, a villain who wants to prevent the group from activating their Crests by capturing the eighth DigiDestined child from the Real World. Using a dimensional gate, Myotismon and the kids journey between Worlds attacking and defending as they go. Finally back in the Digital World, Myotismon is defeated and the eighth Digidestined child is revealed. But just as the kids think their job is finished, they look up to see the Digiworld upside down and realize they must fix things in the Digital World before the Real World can return to normal.

The contest closes on Monday, March 25 at midnight. We’ll then select one Grand Prize winner and three First Prize winners from the comments below. Those winners will be notified via the email address they used to sign up.

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– Prizes will arrive via Flatiron Film Company.
– Contest ends on March 25rd @ 11:59 PM EST. Comments left after that time will be ineligible.

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  • Sangloupmon, easily. First of all, It’s a dog. Man’s best friend. Secondly, it’s a dog that doubles as a freakin’ VAMPIRE. Not a sissy Twilight sparklepire either, it’s an actual soul-sucking, mist morphing, shadow stalking vampire! Not only would I be able to ride around on it, but with Black Mind it can hang out in my shadow and pop out whenever I need it, or whenever I want to scare someone. xD

    So how awesome is that? A pet that you can always keep around, leaves behind no mess and could TOTALLY prank your friends!? It’s a win-win scenario!

  • If Patamon was my pet i would be absolutely thrilled!

    Firstly, patamon is relatively small in size which makes keeping him around the home easier. Also, in my free time I can actually play with him and watch him fly around. If i can’t reach for any items on the shelf without using a ladder, Patamon could come in handy as well!

    Secondly, because Patamon is TK’s digimon, and he is the bearer of the crest of hope, i would always be reminded of the presence of hope and never give up, which is definitely a good way to remain positive and optimistic.

    Thirdly, since it’s digivolution is into Angemon, and my name happens to be Angela, i think we would make quite the pair of digi-partners! 🙂

  • I would love to have a digital pet with powers of telepathy and the ability to read minds.

  • It’d probably have to be Veemon because he’s so adventurous and loyal.
    Not to mention, in this world, Flamedramon could protect you from anything. <3

  • I want tentomon..
    Tentomon can help me making my homework :).
    and he can evolve to kabuterimon so he can drive me to school. last tentomon can make electricity, when i need to charge my phone he can do that!!

    Tentomon amazing!!!!he can fly, he can fight bravely, he smart and friendly..

  • Agumon has always been my favorite Digimon, so I would love to have him. He is loyal and occasionally likes to crack jokes, just like me. He can create fires for cooking or just keeping warm. As Greymon he would make a great ride and be intimidating to any foe. In his final form as Wargreymon, his nova force (giant fireball) would scare any creature away. Agumon, and all his digi-forms, is the coolest Digimon for sure. I just need to get myself some goggles to wear.

  • If I could have a digimon, it would be a toss-up between Terriormon and Patamon.
    They are both loveable and friendly, and they both have awesome digivolutions. But, at the end of the day, I would choose Patamon. He could Armor Digivolve into Pegasusmon, and give me rides in the air, I wouldn’t have to use a car, then I would treat him (petting on the head, food, etc.). Also, he digivolves into Angemon, MagnaAngemon, and Seraphimon. He would literally be my guardian angel!!

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