We have free codes for Ubisoft's new downloadable title Shoot Many Robots. Find out how to get one here!!

Ubisoft has provided us with a bunch of loot codes for their new downloadable title, Shoot Many Robots, and we’re hooking up our fans. For a chance to score yourself a code and get some in-game loot, comment below and answer this question:

Which robot from pop culture, TV, movies or comics would you like to shoot and why??

The best answers will receive a free voucher code to download one of many in-game items for Shoot Many Robots from the Xbox Live Arcade. These items include:

  • Wide-Nozzle Toast-T
  • Tutu
  • Fluffy’s Revenge
  • Gnoming Missile Launcher
  • Atlantean Deep Freeze
  • Battleship Cannon
  • Astronaut’s Helmet
  • E.V.A. Pack

[UPDATE: I apologize for any confusion, but it seems the codes are not for the complete game; they’re actually for in-game items. You’ll need to purchase the game itself to make use of these items.)

For more chances to win, follow us on Twitter @GeekGeneration.

(Make sure to use a valid e-mail when commenting or I won’t be able to send you a code. Contest ends on March 16 @ 10:00 PM EST)

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  • If I could shoot ANY Robot ever. I would have to pick “Tik Tok” from the 1980’s movie “Return to Oz”. Why you may ask? Because he is a whiny hunk of metal that can’t do ANYTHING for himself! He constantly has to be wound up, and if ANY of his functions run down…he becomes just a worthless pile of metal scrap.

  • That filthy little R2D2: They had to censor EVERY SINGLE WORD he said. The twerp needs to be filled with lead!

    xbox or playstation are both fine.

    @blakepro on twitter

  • T-1000 from Terminator 2 because he was pure evil and needs to be shot in the face several times repeatedly over and over again. #ShootManyRobots XBLA

  • David from A.I. Artificial Intelligence. I wanted Haley Joel Osment to see dead people with a flurry of bullets and lead.

  • I’d pistol whip the Austrian accent out of the T-800’s programming and double barrel shotgun him in the core

  • Guess I’d settle for shooting Mudflap or Skids smack-dab in the face. Neither is my first choice, but unfortunately, Michael Bay is not a robot.

  • Twiki from Buck Rogers. Always freaked me out as a kid. And I never want to hear “beedeebeedeebeedee” again!

  • I would shoot Vicky, the “Small Wonder”. She should STOP lifting sofas and pretending she doesn’t understand simple orders and start OBEYING their human masters!!! NOW!

    The man was a genious for god’s sake, he created a robot IN THE 80´s!!
    She should be crushed with a million sofas.

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