MAKE has an excellent gift guide that also serves as a comprehensive guide to desktop publishing.

Article by: Hunter Etherington

I have already expressed my love of 3D printing, and to that effect I found this amazing article. It was written as a gift guide for DIY enthusiasts interested in 3D printing, but it also works as a comprehensive guide to desktop publishing. I won’t go into a terrible amount of detail about the contents of the article, but I will go over the main points.

It first goes over websites that offer custom 3D printing and elaborates on the processes that they use for printing. The article provides a great starting point for anyone interested in the multiple methods of 3D printing. Next, it describes 3D modeling which is the starting point for all 3D printing. The article goes over the pros and cons of the three most popular modeling programs. After that point the author starts to discuss the “ying to the 3D printing yang”, which is 3D scanning. From there the author describes some of the most inexpensive and easy-to-assemble 3D printers. Finally, for comparison, there are examples of not-so-affordable professional 3D printers and scanners.

This is a great article to find a gift for the Do-It-Yourselfer on your Christmas list, as well as a great resource for someone who wants to learn where to start with 3D printing.

The article: MAKE | Holiday Gift Guide 2011: Santa Claus Machines

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