Howard Stern announced on his show this morning that he has resigned with SiriusXM for another 5 years.

You could argue that this is non-geek-related, but I don’t care. This is MY site and Howard Stern is my hero. I cannot fully express my excitement in writing that the “King Of All Media” will be continuing his reign.

Howard Stern announced on his show this morning that he has re-signed with current employer SiriusXM satellite radio for another 5 years.

“I have come to the conclusion that the real innovators, the real geniuses are the people here at Sirius,” said Stern, adding “I can say with almost certainty that this is my final five years on radio.”

According to SternFanNetwork founder Mutt, these are the details of what Howard discussed on the air:

  • He’s decided he want’s to continue working in radio.
  • Howard says he’s not done at Sirius. There is still more work to do, adding he’s still hungry to be successful & has eye of the tiger.
  • iPhone app – He says he will be added to all the SiriusXM phone apps.
  • Howard says he got a very fair deal but won’t go into money.
  • There will be some changes in the hours Howard works but he can’t go into details yet.
  • The show will still start at 6am.
  • For now it’s still 4 days a week but at some point that’s going to change. He says they’ve given him a new more flexible schedule.
  • There will still be 2 channels.
  • Howard says he hopes everyone else & all the other shows get picked up but no word yet. Everyone cuts their own deal.
  • Howard says he’ll talk to Mel about the possibility of podcast downloads of the show for Sirius subscribers adding that this contract has lots of flexibility.
  • No word yet on the TV deal.

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