A quick re-cap of the events of Marvel's Video Game panel at New York Comic Con 2010.

One of the few panels I actually got a chance to attend at this year’s New York Comic Con was for Marvel’s upcoming video games. Here’s a quick re-cap of the events of the panel.

Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions

  • They wanted to start off the panel by playing a quick trailer, but the audio wasn’t working until the 3rd or 4th time they tried.
  • The big announcement since the game is already out, is that there is DLC on the way that will arrive by the end of October. Previously only a pre-order bonus, the Cosmic Spider-Man costumes for all for dimensions will be available.

Marvel Super Hero Squad Online

  • There will be a variety of different play styles.
  • One of those will be a collectible card game in which the cards are used to do battle with other players. There will be over 600 collectible cards. This particular game is being designed by the same people who developed Magic: The Gathering.
  • The game will have a HUGE cast of characters that will constantly have more and more added. Players will be able to submit any character in the Marvel universe with an online form and if it’s requested enough, there’s a good chance that character will be added to the game. At this point, “Howard the Duck” started its run as an ongoing joke throughout the panel.
  • This game will be completely FREE and playable within your internet browser.

Marvel vs. Capcom 3

  • Although Magneto and M.O.D.O.K. had already been leaked out the night before, no one had seen trailers of the two fighters yet. They started off showing the M.O.D.O.K. debut trailer.
  • Every fighter has a unique story ending, and those endings will feature cameos from many characters in the Marvel universe.
  • Deadpool was clearly a favorite for the designers to create. They said they put about 3 times as much time into his development.
  • A story summary for the game was read: “Victor Von Doom has assembled the greatest villains his world has to offer. Together with the diabolical Albert Wesker, this unholy alliance will join their respective universes in an effort to conquer both. But doing so has come with a terrible price. A great and powerful threat has been awakened …. a threat that will set into motion a battle the likes of which neither world has ever seen … a battle that threatens the fate of two worlds!”
  • On asking for speculation about the final boss, one panelist joked, “Howard the Duck.”
  • Ended with the Magneto debut trailer

Thor: God of Thunder

  • Short teaser shown. That’s it. (I got an interview with Sega later that will be in this week’s podcast.)

Captain America: Super Soldier

  • Trailer shown.
  • Some of the enemies were listed: Red Skull, Madam Hydra, Iron Cross, and Arnim Zola.
  • They would not reveal the final boss, but did jokingly add, “It’s not Hitler.”

X-Men: Destiny

  • Teaser shown. No additional info given.

There was then a surprise announcement made in the form of a trailer.

X-Men: The Classic Arcade Game

  • The classic two-screen X-Men arcade game will be downloadable on PSN and XBLA, featuring all of the “cheese” of the original.
  • It will feature 6-player drop in-and-out online co-op!!

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