Details and highlights from the DC Nation panel at San Diego Comic Con.

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To start, Alan Moore was interviewed about Watchmen and then a rebuttal was made by DC Co-Publisher Dan DiDio. (Credit to

Alan Moore, whose tumultuous relationship with DC Comics is legendary, claims the publisher offered this week to return the rights to his most famous creation — in exchange for a concession.

“They offered me the rights to Watchmen back, if I would agree to some dopey prequels and sequels,” Moore said. “So I just told them that if they said that 10 years ago, when I asked them for that, then yeah it might have worked. But these days I don’t want Watchmen back. Certainly, I don’t want it back under those kinds of terms.”

Moore, who has refused royalties from film adaptations of his work, says he no longer even has a copy of Watchmen in his house. “The comics world has lots of unpleasant connections,” he tells Underwire, “when I think back over it, many of them to do with Watchmen.”

Dan DiDio, when reached for comment said, “Realistically, we naturally never really comment about any deals – perspective or ones that we close otherwise,” DiDio said of Moore’s statements. “But the one thing that we’ve been saying for a while is that ‘Watchmen’ is truly one of the premier projects out there, and if we were ever to proceed with [a sequel] the most logical place to start would be with Alan and Dave. For me, it’s one of those things that’s still one of the crown jewels in comics, and if you ever wanted to approach it, you’d have to do it in that manner – making sure the best talent available and possible was working on it.”

DC Nation Panel (credit to and

Co-Publisher of DC Comics Dan DiDio starts it off. Regarding if DC Comics has a big announcement this year at Comic-Con International: San Diego, DiDio says “there is no big announcement from DC. I think DC is big enough as is.”

First up is Batman:

DiDio confirms that Grant Morrison is staying on the Bat-Titles but wouldn’t say which one.

He polled the room on who liked the new Wonder Woman costume. A few hands shot up. DiDio said he really likes the new look and C0-publisher Jim Lee (who designed it) said “Give it 10, 15 years and we’ll talk. Sometimes these things take time to be truly accepted.”

A fan gets upset about the treatment of Arsenal (Roy Harper) and writer J.T. Krul explained that part of his inspiration was seeing American servicemen at the airport who had lost limbs and had to live with prosthetics. “I think having a hero with a prosthetic limb that’s not a cyber arm that makes it okay is a really good thing,” he said. The “Rise of Arsenal” issue by Krul that rocketed around the comics blogosphere with a largely negative reaction was brought up by a fan wondering if editorial interference was the cause of the story not connecting with fans. DiDio took the question first, saying, “Every book isn’t going to please everybody…that’s why we sit in this room like this. You’re not going to find two people with the same reaction to any book.” He added, “We think that was the right tone and the right voice for what was going on there. You may disagree, and that’s okay…The fact that we’re talking about an Arsenal book is something that would never have happened [before this story.]”

Jeff Lemire said that his plan for his upcoming Superboy series was to have “characters visiting Smallville and how that small town life affects them.”

A Flash fan asked about the whereabouts of Wally West. DiDio said he’s “taking care of the kids.” He then went on to say that they’re simply pulling Wally “off stage” for a bit to fully establish Barry Allen with younger fans who may not be familiar with him, but when that happens, Wally will be back in a big way.

Fan asked about how Death’s appearance in Action Comics came about. “I think people can differentiate between the style of stories we expect from DCU and Vertigo,” DiDio said, adding that Sandman started as a DC Universe comic and that this is just “going back to its core.”

The fan then asked, essentially, what Final Crisis was about. DiDio said it was about what happened when the heroes lose. (HAHAHAHAHA Oh so thats what its about? – Bryan)

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