Details and highlights from the X-Men panel at San Diego Comic Con.


X-Men Panel

The X-Men panel was held early Friday morning by Marvel Comics. On hand were Editors Arune Singh, Axel Alonso, Nick Lowe, and Writers Rick Remender, Kieron Gillen, Matt Fraction, Marjorie Liu, Daniel Way, Peter David,Victor Gischler, Chris Yost, and Craig Kyle.

Here are the juicy tidbits:

– “Daken: Dark Wolverine” Writer announced that “Wolverine,” “Daken,” and “X-23” would form something of a “Wolverine Universe.” The Logan goes to hell story in Jason Aaron’s “Wolverine” would affect the other two books, Alonso added. “It’s not a crossover, but they do connect.”

– A new mini-series will debut in December called “Wolverine: The Best There is” written by Charlie Huston (Moon Knight) with art by Juan Jose Ryp. “It goes directly into Logan’s future, without looking at his past,” Alonso said, referring to the number of stories already existing dealing with Wolverine’s past.

– Uncanny X-Force will be launching in October written by Rick Remender, with a new X-Force team of Wolverine, Deadpool, Archangel, Psylocke, and Fantomex. “Uncanny X-Force” will begin by resurrecting Apocalypse, which “obviously has ramifications to a number of characters, notably Warren [Worthington, Angel/Archangel].” “With ‘Second Coming’ over, Scott [Summers] is no longer a wartime president,” Alonso added, but Logan still sees a need for the team and Cyclops doesn’t need to know.

-Another new ongoing launches in November called “Generation Hope”, in which Hope will “seize her destiny by the throat.” It spins out of “Uncanny X-Men” and is written by Kieron Gillen. “There haven’t been new mutants in a long time, and it’s no longer an easy thing,” Gillen said. Next week’s “Uncanny” #526 would begin the build-up to the new series, Matt Fraction added. “In reading the first couple issues, I think it’s going to be a lot like ‘New Mutants’ when it first started,” Lowe said of the series.”It was funny in the old days that new mutants would show up with costumes,” Fraction joked. “‘I not only have powers, but this is what I do in my spare time!'”

They then opened it up to Q & A’s:

-The first question was, “Who decided to kill Nightcrawler?” “Bastion,” Craig Kyle offered. Alonso said it was a natural and necessary story beat, adding “the buck stops with me.” He then joked, “because we don’t care about the fans,” to general laughter.

-Next, a woman said, “Matt Fraction, thanks for giving Cyclops his balls back.” “Wait’ll you see the action figure!” Fraction joked. Peter David added, “We’re going to kill Cyclops’ balls.” The fan’s question, though, was, when will Havok return from space? Lowe said, “He will return, but I can’t tell you when. Then we’ll kill him in the next issue.”

-Craig Kyle confirmed that he and Chris Yost (X-Force) would be taking a break from the X-books after “X-Force: Sex and Violence.” “I’ll be working on the Thor film, so if I don’t do a good job there I won’t be doing any Marvel books.” Yost, too, will be working on features and animation.

-Clues as to Sabretooth’s status can be found in “Wolverine” #1, Lowe and Singh said. Peter David (X-Factor) joked that there would be a limited-edition statue of Sabretooth’s head and Cyclops’ balls.

-“How do you decide who you’re going to disfigure, how you’re going to disfigure them, and who you’re going to kill?” a fan asked. “We don’t target characters and say, what story can we tell to utterly annihilate them,” David said. “Killing Nightcrawler means we don’t get to write him,” the writer added by way of showing that such deaths upset creators as well. “We like writing him.” Alonso added that, in putting together “Second Coming,” “we knew there was a high probability Cable would not make it out alive,” simply because a sacrifice was needed and it made sense for the story. “When we talked about the architecture of how Cable died, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house—I deflected by looking to Jason Aaron and saying, ‘You’re crying, bitch!’ Because I didn’t want anybody to see I was crying,” Alonso said. After some more back and forth, Alonso joked, “And as you know, when you’re dead in Marvel, you’re dead! You’re never coming back!”

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