Michael Bay and Platinum Dunes will oversee the launch of a new live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film.

Michael Bay and the rest of Platinum Dunes will oversee the launch of a new live-action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles film.

The film marks the first non-horror remake for Platinum Dunes, who will team with Paramount and Nickelodeon to re-adapt the property.

The franchise, which began as a black and white comic book series in 1984, rose to tremendous popularity when it became an animated series in 1987. Following the first live-action film in 1990, the series spawned two live-action sequels, a live-action television series, a second animated series and a CGI feature film.

I can tell you right away that this particular author is incredibly fearful to see Michael Bay in control of my beloved childhood franchise. He’s already completely screwed up Transformers, but I was never way into them anyway. If he gives my Ninja Turtles the same treatment, there will be no words for the ferocity of my response.

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  • The movie will begin with a five-minute ninja fight sequence that will be impossible to follow because it will have been broken up into 600 distinct shots. The next 45 minutes will focus on the character of Neil O’April played by Shia Lebouef. The turtles will re-enter the story as comic sidekicks to The Beef, who is the only one who can use the Cowabunga Laser to defeat the Foot Clan, which is now made up of totally hot chicks. Shredder will have been “re-imagined” as “Exploder”. Instead of armor covered in blades, he will wear armor covered in explosions. Also, Splinter will be a Twilight vampire.

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