Our staff answers THE QUESTION: What is the best TV show that you are watching right now?

THE QUESTION: What is the best TV show that you are watching right now?

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Rob: While it seems like the show’s only on for short bursts at a time, Dexter is by far the best thing on television. One of the reasons it works so well might even be the 12-episode per season format that it has maintained throughout its run. It never feels stale as there is always another aspect of Dexter’s ever-changing life that needs to be addressed. The twists and turns will certainly keep you on the edge of your seat from episode to episode, while you’re left contemplating whether or not you should be cheering for this anti-hero. The show also manages to pull out amazing performances not only from Michael C. Hall and the regular cast, but also its guest stars. I can’t say I’ve ever seen better characters come out of Jimmy Smits or John Lithgow.

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Doug: The only shows I watch with any regularity are Big Bang Theory, LOST, and (occasionally) How I Met Your Mother. LOST is the only one that I absolutely will not miss each week, especially with what will hopefully be a gripping and satisfying finale coming soon. I’m also about to start watching Season 3 of Mad Men, which will be my favorite show for the time it takes me to watch it.

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Bryan: I love Chuck (everyone should watch it.) It’s smart, it’s exciting, and it’s got hot chicks. It’s great. Smallville is also better now than it’s ever been (except without Michael Rosenbaum).

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Brian: We don’t watch cable much in my house, but if we did on a regular basis, it would be either NCIS (original) or Big Bang Theory.

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Dave: Eek…don’t really watch TV anymore. I think TV died with reality shows. The stuff I was hooked on was South Park and Dexter.

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