Christopher Nolan will direct Batman 3 and serve as mentor for a Superman reboot.

In some really big comic movie news, it’s been confirmed that Christopher Nolan will be back to direct Batman 3 (joy to my Bat-fan heart). His always brother/ frequent collaborator Jonathan “Jonah” Nolan and David Goyer are currently writing up the script. I’m not surprised in any way that Warner Bros. has decided to reunite these three as they were the team that led to the success of The Dark Knight.

In what is even BIGGER comic book movie news, it’s been announced that Christopher Nolan will also be involved with the next movie in the Superman franchise. WHAAAAAT?? That’s right. While no director spot has been confirmed, it’s being reported that Nolan will be in more of a mentoring role for what’s being referred to as Superman 3.o. I’d also like to point out that this will NOT be a sequel to 2006’s Superman Returns (thank god!!), but instead is a complete franchise reboot.

I’ve had a feeling for some time now that this would be the course of action for the Superman movie franchise. Christopher Nolan has proven himself with the reboot of the Batman movie franchise, putting himself in the perfect position to fix all the problems that the Man of Steel has been having on the big screen. While the movie is still very much in early development, I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited about the potential of Supes since I saw that fan-made World’s Finest trailer.

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  • Just as long as J.J. Abrams isn’t involved. I mean, the guy’s done some good work, but if you’ve read “The Best Sci-Fi Movies Never Made”, you’re familiar with his bizarre misconception of what a Superman movie should look like.

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