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I’m a little bit obsessed with the Twitter game they play on one of my favorite podcasts, The Indoor Kids (with Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon). Even though I’ve been referenced two other times (mentioned during Episodes #99 and #120 of our podcast) on the show prior to the start of their Twitter game, I felt a burning need to be recognized for a witty submission during this segment. It took months to accomplish, but I finally got one read (thanks Emily!). Here is my full submission list with the game categories they were submitted for. The embedded submission was the successful one.

Note: I use two Twitter accounts regularly, and both were used for game submissions.

Describe the gameplay of a video game that’s based on a TV show


  • X-Files: Shippers Edition – a Sims-style game in which you build the Mulder/Scully ‘ship with half-smiles and snarky comments [@TheKnightAngel]
  • “Revolution”: a 4th wall-breaking game that shuts your console down when you put it in. No power for you… no beating the game. [@TheKnightAngel]

Hippie a video game

 Video game a band

Game-inspired pickup lines

  • “I’d go through the HEAVY RAIN and BEYOND to join our TWO SOULS.” [@TheKnightAngel]
  • Zelda lines: “You’re the last missing piece of my Triforce.” OR “It’s dangerous to go alone. Take me with you.” [@GeekGeneration]

Ruin a videogame

Tell us what you’d use a Titan for, and make it more interesting than fighting people

  • My Titan and I would be the most inaccurately costumed visitors at the local Renaissance Faire. [@TheKnightAngel]

Facebook is buying Oculus Rift, name some Facebook games that’ll be created from this unholy union

  • FarmVille: Crop Circles – a 1st person maze runner where you’re chased by a rolling pumpkin in Raiders of the Lost Ark style [@TheKnightAngel]

Dumbest ideas for product tie-ins to video games

  • Mortal Kombat Chiropractor, for when your spine needs a slight “readjustment.” [@TheKnightAngel]
  • God of War anger management meetings. [@TheKnightAngel]
  • Assassin’s Creed bungee cords, for when you feel like taking a leap of faith. [@TheKnightAngel]
  • BioShock plasmid-branded syringes, pre-filled with hallucinogenic narcotics. [@TheKnightAngel]

Video game TV shows

Come up with a video game for Shia Labeouf

  • Plagiarism Hero. A learn-to-type game that has you copy paragraphs from famous stories [@TheKnightAngel]
  • The Legend of Shia: Skyward Writer [@GeekGeneration]

The most disappointing game you’ve ever played, and why

  • WWE ’12. I own every game in the series leading up to it, but the single player mode was so bad it killed the franchise for me [@TheKnightAngel]
  • Max Payne 3, because Max was so far gone that I couldn’t relate to him anymore. Barely felt like the same character. [@GeekGeneration]

Tell us creative, Martha Stewart-y things you can do with your old Rock Band/Guitar Hero/DJ Hero stuff

  • (1) Cut out surface of drum pads (2) insert serving bowls (3) fill bowls with chips or candy for snack buffet (4) ??? (5) profit [@GeekGeneration]


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  • That reuse of Guitar Hero/Rockband Drums is brilliant! Salsa where the red pad was, Nacho Cheese in the yellow, Guacamole in the green and…I guess you gotta put the chips into the blue.

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