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#103 – That’s Turrible

Rob and Mike discuss Kumail Nanjiani's show in Providence and some movies they've recently seen, as well as the failings of iOS 6.

Geek Photo Week

Need something new and fun to do on your social media outlets? Of course you do, so here's the Geek Photo Week.

#079 – Axxess

Bryan recaps his experience at Wrestlemania 28, Mike's done wrestling, and Rob misses an opportunity at PAX East.

#077 – B-Ry the Vampire Slayer

The boys discuss Teenage Alien Ninja Turtles, Avengers cologne, and spotlight co-host Bryan Lipsitz. Also, we go into The Spoiler Room to discuss the...

#075 – Tough Love

Rob gives Mike and Bryan some tough love. Also, Topher Grace's Star Wars prequel edit, Alcoholidays, and Capcom's poor handling of Street Fighter X...

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