This edition of the Geek News Brief includes stories about Kevin Smith's Clerks 3, Ubisoft's announcement of Tom Clancy's XDefiant, and The Continental becoming an event series.

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Lionsgate nabs Clerks 3, Tom Clancy’s XDefiant, & John Wick’s The Continental – 2021-07-19

Lionsgate acquires rights to Kevin Smith’s Clerks 3

Lionsgate has acquired worldwide rights to Kevin Smith’s Clerks III, which is in pre-production in New Jersey and will begin production next month.

Smith has written the screenplay and will direct, with all major cast members from the first two Clerks films set to reprise their roles: Jeff Anderson as Randal, Brian O’Halloran as Dante, Jay Mewes as Jay, Smith as Silent Bob, and Rosario Dawson as Becky.

In Clerks III, following a massive heart attack, Randal enlists Dante, Elias, Jay, and Silent Bob to make a movie immortalizing his life at the convenience store that started it all.

Smith said, “There’s a saying from the Tao that goes something like ‘To be great is to go on. To go on is to go far. To go far is to return.’ Thanks to Lionsgate, we get to return to where it all started with almost the whole cast that started it all! And for the first time since the first time we ever made a movie in 1993, we’re shooting the entire flick on location in New Jersey, as an ode to both the enduring allure of cinema and the resourcefulness and lunacy of its storytellers. Years ago, Dante and Randal made me a filmmaker – so now it’s time I return the favor.”

Ubisoft announces Tom Clancy’s XDefiant, a chaotic free-to-play FPS

Ubisoft is making a new free-to-play shooter set in the Tom Clancyverse called Tom Clancy’s XDefiant. It’s pitched as a “high-octane,” 6v6 multiplayer first-person arena shooter.

Developed by Ubisoft San Francisco, Tom Clancy’s XDefiant promises realistic gunplay with personalized classes, represented as factions with special abilities. Those factions (Echelon, Outcasts, Cleaners, and Wolves) are inspired by other Tom Clancy games, like The Division, Splinter Cell, and the Ghost Recon series.

On top of deep personalization and customization, gunplay is a top priority. XDefiant will feature an ever-growing arsenal of authentic weapons and attachments, with Ubisoft San Francisco crafting every weapon attachment for precise, satisfying gunplay.

An early gameplay test will launch Aug. 5, and interested players can register at the game’s official website. While the game is still early in development, its creators are saying that your feedback is essential to make this game great.

Tom Clancy’s XDefiant is coming to PS4, PS5, PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, with streaming versions for Amazon Luna and Google Stadia. Ubisoft has also promised cross-platform play.

Starz sets John Wick prequel The Continental as 3-night event series

After initially announcing it as a spinoff series to the Keanu Reeves-led John Wick films, The Hollywood Reporter brings word that Starz and Lionsgate Television are now redeveloping the long-awaited project The Continental as a three-part prequel. Each installment of the event series is expected to be 90-minutes long and will premiere over the course of three consecutive nights.

The Continental was first announced in 2017 by franchise creators Chad Stahelski and Derek Kolstad. The titular hotel was introduced in the first installment of the John Wick films as a safe haven for assassins and has been a primary location in the franchise.

Set 40 years before the events of the films, the upcoming prequel centers around Winston, who will one day grow up to be the character played by Ian McShane in the Wick movies. In the prequel set against the backdrop of 1970s New York, fans will find a young Winston as an up-and-coming hitman hotel proprietor who, along with others, creates a haven for unsavory types.

Production on the highly-anticipated fourth installment to the John Wick film is also currently underway. John Wick: Chapter 4 will again see Keanu Reeves returning as the unstoppable hitman and is scheduled to arrive in theaters on May 27, 2022.

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