Rob, Volpe, and Paul talk about Comics Come Home XX, Rhode Island Comic Con 2014, a brief interview with Kyla Cosplay, and our geek outs and freak outs.

Host: Rob Logan
Co-hosts: Mike Volpe, Paul O

The Geek Generation – #208 – Con-gested Con-versations

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Show notes:

  • Got feedback??
  • Comics Come Home XX
  • Rhode Island Comic Con 2014
    • Godzilla Grilled Cheese
    • Roger Andrews drawing panel
    • meeting Torrie Wilson
    • meeting George Takei
    • Kyla Cosplay interview
  • Geek Outs:
    • Interstellar
    • Bebop and Rocksteady concept art
    • Internet Arcade
    • Overwatch
    • Marvel / Attack on Titan crossover
    • The 100
    • Hurricane’s Instagram photo
    • LEGO Batman 3 buzz
    • RKO vines
  • Freak Outs:
    • Toy Story 4 coming in 2017
    • Too many Elmo videos
    • Doritos-flavored Mountain Dew
    • iPhone 4 power button

RICC 2014 - Kyla Cosplay interview

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Rob Logan

Rob is a movie buff, computer whiz, gamer, huge Batman fan, and above all... a geek. In addition to being the Founder and Host of The Geek Generation, he is also a photographer, graphic designer, certified clinical hypnotherapist, a former professional wrestler, and a current superhero.

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