The Geek Generation is giving away one prize pack with an AWOLNATION t-shirt and an Injustice: Gods Among Us soundtrack to one lucky fan.

AWOLNATION - Injustice soundtrack giveaway

The Geek Generation is giving away one prize pack with an AWOLNATION t-shirt and an Injustice: Gods Among Us soundtrack to one lucky fan.

To enter, leave us a comment below telling us:

Which character from the DC Universe would you want backing you up in a fight?

The contest closes on Friday, May 10 at midnight. We’ll then select one winner from the comments below. Those winners will be notified via the email address they used to sign up.

AWOLNATION have released a new song titled “THISKIDSNOTALRIGHT,” off the new video game Injustice: Gods Among Us soundtrack which is available now. Fans can purchase the soundtrack on iTunes.

Their debut album Megalithic Symphony, which features the hit “Sail”, can be purchased on iTunes.

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– Make sure to use a valid e-mail when commenting or I won’t be able to contact you for an address to ship to.
– You must live in the continental United States to win
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– Prizes will arrive via Total Assault Music.
– Contest ends on May 10, 2013 @ 11:59 PM EST. Comments left after that time will be ineligible.

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  • I know you probably expect this, but Batman. My first instinct was Superman because he can pretty much do anything, but then again, Batman beat him in a fight with kryptonite. I feel like Batman would be much more difficult to defeat in such an easy manner. Batman is much more adaptable to fights because he does not have ridiculous powers, so he was forced to fight with what he had. But, he has also dealt with high-powered villains so he would be able to face just about anything.

  • I would say Batman (Bruce Wayne) because as seen in the movie “Justice League Doom”, he knows who everyone else is in the League and how to beat them if the need ever arises. He’s not the World’s Greatest Detective for nothing!

  • I understand the idea of going with Batman. I mean no would could ever beat him in a fight, but they can beat his sidekicks. I mean how many Robins have died by now? And I’m not nearly the caliber of fighter of Robin so I will take my chances elsewhere. My choice would be Martian Manhunter for one big reason—mind control. Batman would have no issue fighting a pesky foe, but Manhunter could use his mind control on the perp so I could do the deed. Ethical…maybe not…but hey if I’m fighting someone my guess is ethics went out the window long ago.

  • Green Arrow. He’s badass, & can cover me like a sniper. People are scared of snipers…& ninjas.

  • I would want Booster Gold backing me up due to the fact that the thugs would not take him seriously therefore while they are laughing at Booster I could either sneak away or take them by surprise. Also because he is an underestimated threat. While they think he’s a joke he could shoot them with his lasers on his hands or use his super suit to just beat them up. Plus he would already know the outcome of the fight, being a time traveler and all. So Booster Gold, the best worst hero ever is who I want backing me up.

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