Check out the trailer for the next title in the ever popular Paper Mario series, Paper Mario: Sticker Star.

November is the month that kicks off the holiday season and Nintendo is kicking it off with its first major game of the season. The next title in the ever popular Paper Mario series, Paper Mario: Sticker Star, will be available in America , exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS, on November 11, 2012.

This RPG will expand upon the Paper Mario series and is full of the comical game mechanics that has made the series so unique. Bowser crashes a holiday celebration – The Sticker Festival – and inadvertently shatters the power-granting sticker comet. Mario is overpowered by a super charged Bowser and wakes up to find the scene in chaos, the Princess missing, and characters humorously stuck to walls by Bowser stickers. Mario must go on his adventure to save the Mushroom Kingdom by picking up power-granting  stickers (which replaces the previously used Badge system) and stopping the havoc being caused by the Koopa King.

Much like other current 3DS games, Paper Mario: Sticker Star will be available in physical form in stores and can also be downloaded digitally via the Nintendo eShop.

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