Who was that mysterious guy in the post credit scene of The Amazing Spider-Man??

As The Amazing Spider-Man opened to mostly positive reviews from critics and fans, and had the highest Tuesday box office gross ever ($35 million), it seems safe to say that Sony’s gamble on rebooting the franchise after Sam Raimi’s trilogy was a good idea. But the thing on most fans’ minds after seeing the movie is… “Who was that mysterious guy in the post credit scene?” (Sony obviously taking the gimmick that Marvel Studios has done so well in their films)

At this point I will be talking HEAVY SPOILERS so if you haven’t seen it yet (WHY NOT?), go see it and come back later.

Here are my top 3 theories on who that mystery man visiting Dr. Curt Connors in jail is:


1) Norman Osborn: He was name-dropped numerous times throughout the film and Oscorp itself played a major role. Also, the fact that he was asking about Peter’s dad and grilling Connors about him, not to mention the sheer fact that Norman is probably the most manipulative, ‘pulling the strings’ villain in all of comics. Norman is obviously Spider-Man’s #1 foe. It would make sense if Sony and director Marc Webb wanted to take the same path Christopher Nolan did with The Dark Knight franchise by bringing in the biggest villain in the second movie. It would also make the most sense since Gwen Stacy and Norman Osborn have a huge connection and story arc that will no doubt play through in this franchise at some point. (She’s got a date with a bridge.) It would definitely have the most emotional impact as well. I really hope this is the case, cause Willem Dafoe’s over-the-top performance and god awful Power Ranger-inspired Green Goblin was NOT Spider-Man’s greatest enemy. Norman Osborn is a man out to destroy Peter Parker’s and Spider-Man’s life. Also, since they seem to be playing into the Ultimate Universe a little… Norman Osborn actually had a lot to do with Peter Parker actually becoming Spider-Man.

Odds: The Best

EDITOR’S UPDATE: Despite popular internet opinion, Rhys Ifans has confirmed that the mystery man in question is NOT Norman Osborn.


2) Dr. Otto Octavius (Doctor Octopus): Who else would be smart enough to be the mastermind behind all of this other than Dr. Otto Octavius, aka Doctor Octopus, Spider-Man’s number two villain? Spider-Man 2 did a pretty good job translating Doc Ock, but I really think this franchise could use a better, more youthful, and evil Octavius. Octavius also has ties to Oscorp in many of Spider-Man’s various incarnations in the media/comics. Doctor Octopus would be a great villain, although to have him be in the second movie again would probably not be the wisest choice. It would also really depend on the casting as to whether or not they could pull it off.

Odds: Even


3) Quentin Beck (Mysterio):  So this mysterious man is talking to Curt Connors and all of a sudden disappears into the shadows… hmm. Who better than the special effects artist Mysterio to be able to pull that off. He is quite a long shot as there would be no emotional connection to work with and he is sort of seen as a B-level villain. Bringing in a character like Mysterio would need a lot of explanation and back story. I think he is the longest shot.

Odds: Not Very Good

If you have another guess I’d love to hear it, so please leave a comment below.

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  • Electro is a really good guess too!. Baron Mordo is in Dr. Strange’s villain gallery and is therefore under Marvel Studios. So I doubt they could use him

      • Spider-Man and all his characters where licenesed to Sony for moives back in 01? 02? So only have the rights to the Spider-Man characters and not to anyone like say the X-Men, Avengers or anything.

        It breaks down like this. 20th Century Fox has the rights to Fantastic Four, X-Men, Daredevil

        Sony has Spider-Man

        and Marvel Stuidos has all the rest…

        If a company doesnt make a movie in a certain amount of time the rights revert back to marvel..so if sony hadnt done this reboot spidey wouldve eventually reverted back to marvel studios. This is the reason you wont see Wolverine showing up in a Spider-Man movie or Spidey in an Avengers movie etc.

        • Marvel Studios is Marvel’s inhouse studio that did Iron Man, Incredible Hulk, Thor, Cap, Iron Man 2 and Avengers….they are were put out by Disney/Paramount but they are still Marvel Studio movies.

          Punisher was at LionsGate until last year where now the rights reverted back to Marvel.

          Ghost Rider is another one owned by Sony

  • Something tells me the guy who appears in the ending with Dr. Connors is the Vulture…The guy looks like an old men. And I also heard that in this movie they wanted the evil character to be ether Dr. Connors (The Lizard) or The Vulture

    • I gotta agree, he is the only one who can realistically walk into a high security asylum undetected, can’t b Norman Osborne there’s a lot of story behind him and pluss the hob goblin is before the green goblin in the story (norman builds the suit and glider for him) Can’t b electro ’cause he is the son of the red skull so he needs to be established first although peters parents are ment to be spy’s so suggestibly it could b him but he is after the insidious six.
      It’s hard to say really, can’t be mysterio, remember his powers are just illutions so he would have had to still break in to get there in the first place, can’t b doc ock, again he needs to be established first.
      I can’t think of any other possibility than chameleon.

  • I think your’e right about Norman because he has a huge sense about spiderman

  • Mendel Stromm was Norman Osborn’s college professor and later became Osborn’s partner in OsCorp Industries. His early research was on a chemical that would provide enhanced strength in its test subjects (and would eventually turn Osborn into the Green Goblin) could be this guy

  • I see Norman Osborn as the most logical answer. They said in the movie he was dying and the man in the scene looked to me as if he was sort of diminishing in health.

  • i think its the chameleon read this
    the Chameleon, working for Harry Osborn, created Life Model Decoys of Richard and Mary ( both seen in the movie). These LMDs were near-perfect robotic replicas of Peter’s dead parents, and managed to convince him that they had in fact been held captive overseas for most of his life.[3] Aunt May retains some suspicions, as there are some things they did not know, such as Richard and Mary’s elopement. When Peter discovers that they were fake,[4] he suffers a nervous breakdown. When the Decoys were ordered to attack Parker, Mary’s feelings for Peter causes her to save him. Neither LMD survives the incident. After battling the Chameleon, Spider-Man discovers that Harry Osborn was behind the whole thing, as an effort to avenge his (supposedly) dead father, Norman Osborn.[5] Spider-Man then becomes mentally unhinged over time, until he has a near-death experience.[volume & issue needed]

    May Parker eventually learns the truth about the Life Model Decoys, via learning the truth about Spider-Man. May draws strength by talking to the graves of Mary, Richard and Ben about Peter’s life.

    The cynical mindset of Harry Osborn and the Chameleon was present in the LMDs, particularly during Maximum Carnage[6]: When Aunt May advises Peter to “listen to your heart”, (the pseudo) “Richard” tells a very different lesson
    so i bet its himin the shadows

  • It’s Alistair Smythe. He’s old enough to be in his prime when Peter’s father and Dr. Conners were in theirs. That’s my two cents.

    • This is the only comment I don’t have a bad thing to say about, it’s totally possibly for it to be him, also this could introduce us to the insidious six run by kingpin who will call the shots for Osborne and it will allow Sony to introduce more characters and stick closer to the comics, but the bit question is, how did he get in there in the first place without gettin noticed?

  • Michael Morbius. “i think” Do NOT look for this caracter at comic book the Sony will catch him from different aspect. Whoever his work at oscorp its the RHINO, (hybrid research on Aleksei Sytsevich) after Connors murdered Ratha he can work on his disease. His in scientist/biochemist who work for oscorp. Avoid peoples, living, work at night, because a rare disorder. While Connors try reversing his own condition, Morbius take some fluids from bats to cure himself. They still open a continue to Edward Whelan who get bitten by the genetific modified rat, witch you alredy seen on the 1st movie and became The Vermin.

  • I love reading the input about this mysterious character. I believe it to be Mysterio. But I believe Norman Osbourne is the man behind the scenes to orchestrate the squad of villains, The Sinister Six. I know its way early in the story. But since when do studios portray perfect accuracy? They don’t. I think the studios should bring in a villains gallery for the S-Man. We know a lot of them. I believe they should not be to gentle in their back stories also.

    • True but, It could actually be Osborne because there is a hologram of him at oscorp so we know he has the holographic technology to be able to project an image of himself inside the prison cell also it has to be some one who knows Connors and given the fact that he works for Norman Osborne and was working on a cure for him I feel that this is a valid reason to consider him as a number one possibility.

  • I have been looking at this question for a while and have to come a number of theories, the best of which (in my mind)… Is The Hobgoblin Aka: Roderick Kingsley. I see this as a fair chance due to the fact he wore a trench coat, fedora and always operated in the shadows… When not in costume, and he was a large part of the clone/parent return/lizard storylines…

  • Mysterio is the best how would Octavious disappear he more of a break through a door mysterio dissapears but Osborn??? How would he dissapears into thin air

  • Easy it’s Norman Osborn because in the beginning they mention him in the meeting they also talk on how he needs help which explains why he talks deeply toned at the end of the movie

  • It could be … Electro, Mysterio, Kraven, Doc Oc, Goblin, HobGoblin, Chameleon, Hammerhead, KingPin, Vulture or many more .
    My? bet is on Shocker because he’s supposed to be in prison too .

  • Another disaster in the world of superhero movies.Terrible, awful, extremely bad. Do not believe any of the 656 positive reviews. People who wrote those are either very dumb or they work for Sony or whoever else profits from this piece of excrement. I love Sony, but I used to love them a whole lot more before I saw this. If it’s not too late, like it is for me, do not watch. Not in the cinema, not at home, not anywhere, not ever. However you look at life, it is far too precious to waste two hours of it on this film. For specifics, read the other red reviews. There’s plenty there.

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