HUGE congratulations to Chris Hardwick and the crew over at Nerdist Industries!!

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HUGE congratulations to Chris Hardwick and the crew over at Nerdist Industries!! It’s just been announced that they’ve been acquired by Legendary Entertainment. the company behind such great movies as The Dark Knight, The Hangover, and Inception.

Hardwick assured fans that nothing is changing on the creative front:

“My business partner Peter Levin and I will have absolute autonomy over the running of our company. In that sense, it’s still ours.”

The deal will, however, allow Nerdist Industries greater access to bring even better, more exclusive content while supplying a digital content wing to Legendary:

“You won’t notice any change in the way we run things. Legendary was already an investor and you didn’t notice that. This exercise will be no different. The change you WILL notice is the breadth and quality of things we’ll now be able to create.

What we WILL be able to do is have better access to stories, scoops, and behind the scenes goodness. Nerdist News is a particularly interesting piece of the puzzle for me, and this will help us build that out into a respectable li’l news engine that breaks stories and gets exclusives. “

Hardwick also announced that he’ll be in charge of digital content for Legendary, while Levin will head up digital strategy.

I suggest that you read the full story over at Nerdist, as the man himself explains it all in much better clarity than I do.

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