Mon Star, the villain from SilverHawks, makes a quick cameo in a recent episode of ThunderCats.

On the most recent episode of Cartoon Network’s new ThunderCats series, entitled Legacy, a character from another classic 80’s cartoon makes a quick cameo on a video screen… Mon Star, the villain from SilverHawks. Is this a simple tribute, or a cleverly placed hint at things to come?? Could we see the SilverHawks show up on ThunderCats, or perhaps get a series reboot of their own??

Don’t remember the SilverHawks?? Here’s the intro from that show:

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  • I shit my pants when I saw Monstar’s face! I hope we get to see the Silverhawks in Thundercats and then maybe there own reboot which would take place within the Thundercats Universe!

  • The tigersharks are there too, a whole lot of them. DANG! How does Monstar tie into this new series though? Oh well, maybe there’s gonna be a collabo between all the baddies, then we’ll have a 2hr special – 80s Heros Unite!

  • I never saw Tigersharks so I’m shooting in the dark here… But judging by what the stones did in “Legacy” and remembering Monstar’s transformation it might just be a way of merging the three story lines together (since they were all produced by the same company) with out actually having a dreaded crossover episode…. Kind of an homage to the roots of thundercats…. I could be wrong, like i said I never saw Tigersharks so I don’t know if they had a transforming bad guy

  • there was also a show in the 80’s called the TigerSharks that was very similar to the Thundercats. They looked like the tigersharks in the latest episode.

  • Man I knew I wasn’t the only one that noticed it….MOON STAR OF LIMBO!! GIVE ME THE MIGHT! THE MUSCLE, THE MENACE OF MON STAAAAR!!!!!

  • Tigersharks were part of a lesser known cartoon compilation show. They basically got their powers by immersing themselves in some kind of formula that altered their DNA into a combination of human and aquatic creature fighting against an alien invasion of other aquatic aliens. That way you had Land (Thundercats), Sea (TigerSharks), and Air (Silverhawks).

  • haha, just watched episode 7. had to rewind a bit when i saw monstar, and then a quick google to make sure i wasnt crazy ^^.

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