Two new gadgets and one new villain have been revealed for Batman: Arkham City.

Source: GT.TV

A recent episode of GT.TV has revealed some new additions to Batman: Arkham City, including gadgets and another villain from the Dark Knight’s rogues gallery.

One new gadget is the Remote Electrical Charge. Essentially a taser beam, the Remote Electrical Charge gun can be used to power machinery, create electrical fields to solve puzzles, and immobilize villains.

Next up is the Freeze Blast, a projectile capable of creating ice platforms in water and freezing enemies in their place.

Also revealed is the inclusion of Deadshot. As part of a side-mission, Batman will track Deadshot as he systematically assassinates high-profile people within Arkham City, and then goes after Batman himself. Detective mode will be essential to finding and taking him down.

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