GameFly, the #1 online video game rental subscription service will be launching a new digital client this holiday season along with "Unlimited PC Play."

GameFly, the #1 online video game rental subscription service (a.k.a. the Netflix of video games) will be launching a new digital client this holiday season. The biggest bonus for active GameFly subscribers will be the addition of free “Unlimited PC Play” which allows them to download and play as many Windows/Mac games as they want from a large and ever-growing collection of titles. These games will remain playable as long as your GameFly subscription is active.

The desktop client will allow users to control their disc-based rentals, download any of the 1,500 Windows/Mac games for sale, pre-order new console and PC releases, or buy used games. The client will also provide gaming news, HD trailers, videos, screenshots, and a real-time social discussion component.

“We’re thrilled to bring digital to the gaming consumer in a meaningful way, as no other service or retailer brings physical and digital gaming together like GameFly,” said GameFly co-founder Sean Spector. “With a library of over 9,500 titles from over 300 first- and third-party publishers, GameFly members have the ultimate choice of how, what, when and where they game.”

A private beta of the client is underway for current GameFly subscribers. You can sign up for that beta program here.

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