The first look at Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman has made its way online.

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  • Wow, check out those boobs… those are intense. But seriously, I love how they didn’t stray TOO far from the classic costume, while getting rid of obviously dated features (like the hot pants for example).
    Although going forward without getting too hyped up, I am really excited to give this show a chance.
    And also, I think the three personalities could work actually. I picture the CEO/secretary working out a bit like Queen Amidala/Padme type situation. Like maybe you won’t see a whole lot of the CEO, but Diana wants to be sure she’s on top of the daily goings-on at her company.

  • I’m of a completely different opinion to Anna. My boyfriend got me to read a few comics a few years back and Wonder Woman was the only one that stuck. I came across this picture the other day and I honestly thought it was from some sort of costume website.

    I was expecting something much closer to Jim Lee’s designs and this just feels very dated. With the more realistic take that comic book TV/Film is taking at the moment it’s really surprising to see all this shiny PVC. It’s very 90’s.

    I just can’t see a real woman running around like this, all she needs is a star spangled gimp and this could be a very different sort of show.

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