Details and highlights from the DC Nation panel at San Diego Comic Con.


DC Nation Panel

DC’s last panel of Friday was the DC Nation Panel. On hand were DC Co-Publisher Dan DiDio, Writer J. Michael Straczynski,  Writer and Chief Creativer Officer Geoff Johns, Writer Grant Morrison, and Artist and Co-Publisher Jim Lee.

Here’s the news/tidbits revealed (there wasn’t much)

-DiDio asked what fans were hoping to see in JMS’s “Wonder Woman.” The first said he was curious about how her changes would affect the rest of the DCU and hoped she wouldn’t be “tucked away.” “Oh, hell no,” Straczynski said. “We want her out there.” Then, “For those of you who are not sure about the costume, give me two issues, I will turn you around.”

-Grant Morrison then spoke about his current run on Batman. “Someone said to me, you’ve incorporated everything from Batman except for the Joel Schumacher stuff,” he said. “I love the Joel Schumacher stuff, I love the color but I love the really fruity outfits,” Morrison added, recalling the scene in which Alfred presents Robin with a costume. “‘I took the liberties,’ sir and he lifts up this rubber thing, with the nipples,” Morrison said in his Alfred voice, noting that sewing rubber requires a certain skill set. “He learned to sew up these really obscene rubber costumes,” Morrison laughed.

-On to the Flash, by show of applause Wally West was by far the preferred speedster, outpacing current Flash Barry Allen. “I love the Flash,” Johns said, explaining that with this and “Green Lantern” the idea was not to “bring back the real Green Lantern.” He didn’t want to write another Wally book because he’d already written Wally as the Flash. Instead, Johns said, he wanted to “expand not contract” the Flash universe and do something new.  Asked about the aborted “Flash” backup, Johns said “we have a lot of Flash material,” adding, “I promise you’ll see more of Wally soon, and it won’t just be a co-feature.” “We’re doing a second Flash book next year called ‘Flash: Speed Force,” Johns said, featuring Bart Allen, Jesse Quick, XS, and the other speedsters.

-“Grant and I are actually going to do a big project together,” Johns announced. He wouldn’t say more, but it will happen next year.

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