Details and highlights from the Tron: Legacy panel at San Diego Comic Con.


Tron: Legacy Panel

Patton Oswalt is moderating the Tron: Legacy panel. Before he introduced the cast and filmmakers, he intro’d a clip reel of Tron’s influence on Pop Culture throughout the years… some funny stuff, including Simpsons and 30 Rock clips.

Cast and Crew walk onstage to big applause. Director Joe Kosinski got the ball rolling by saying Jeff Bridges will play two roles in the sequel: Flynn, the programmer who’s been lost all these years, and Klu (sp?)..He says we’ll see both characters in the footage they’re showing shortly. He also said they shot the entire film in 3D, not post-converting it.

Olivia Wilde calls her character Cora “a tough, kick ass woman. She’s cool and a fierce warrior. It was an an incredible honor to play the role.”

Bruce Boxleitner, Mr. Tron himself as Oswalt calls him, gets a big cheer.

Asked what he did when he got the call for Tron: Legacy, he joked that he threw the walker to the side and got the suit out. He said the fans are really going to be happy with the sequel.

Boxleitner and Bridges go into a little back-and-forth schtick about how they had spandex suits and dance belts for their costumes, unlike the modern equivalents, which are so advanced.

Oswalt introduces executive producer, the creator of Tron, Steven Lisberger, as the master of the grid.

So they just had the crowd do some specific crowd reaction noise, which LucasFilm is recording and will insert into the movie. Which means the 6,000 people in Hall H just became part of TRON: LEGACY!

Bridges talks about how Tron is one of the modern myths. He told this convoluted story about how his friend, the singer Jackson Browne, told him that to be honest, I couldn’t understand the connection. But in essence, Bridges says Tron: Legacy is about the corruptive side of technology. He somehow tied it to his belief that water bottles are killing the environment, and encouraged everyone to read more about it and to stop using them.

Oh, one last thing. Disney added a surprise message at the end, with Johnny Depp in character as Capt. Jack Sparrow. He mentioned that the fourth Pirates movie, “On Stranger Tides,” will involve the Fountain of Youth and co-star Penelope Cruz. So that long-awaited BLOW reunion is finally happening…Oh, and they also teased the upcoming Haunted Mansion, which will be directed by….WAIT FOR IT…GUILLERMO DEL TORO!

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