A quick rundown of recent casting news for X-Men: First Class.

As lots of casting news has been pouring out lately for Matthew Vaughn’s X-Men: First Class, here’s a quick rundown of all the additions:

It has been confirmed that Nicholas Hoult (Clash of the Titans) will play Beast and Caleb Landry Jones (The Social Network) will play Banshee.

Surfer Erica Hosseini told Straight 2 DVD that she was auditioning for a part in the movie. “I was auditioning for a role named Willow (hopefully I don’t get in trouble for blabbing details on the off-chance that I get it). It’s a role similar to Mystique from what I understand. Potentially lots of body paint, so that would be really fun,” she said. Willow is a fictional mutant character created by Marvel Comics for their Marvel 2099 run “X-Nation 2099.” She had shape-shifting powers, much like Mystique, but when mimicking others her facial markings would remain.

Entertainment Weekly has reported that Lucas Till (Walk the Line) has joined the cast in the role of Cyclops’s mutant brother, Alexander “Havok” Summers. The article also points out that this news may be a purposeful misdirection by the studio in an attempt to keep some of the roles a surprise.

Deadline New York is reporting that Kevin Bacon (Frost/Nixon, Sleepers) is negotiating to play the villain role in X-Men: First Class. They don’t say who the villain may be.

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