The add-on will be available on April 22nd on the PlayStation Store.

Naughty Dog continues to expand the online multiplayer modes of Uncharted 2. The “Siege Expansion Pack” is its second premium gameplay add-on, following February’s patch. The new pack adds a brand new co-op game type, two new multiplayer maps, six new skins and eleven new Trophies.

“Siege” mode is an expansion of the “Survival” game type, in which a team of two or three players must defend a territory and survive against an ever-increasingly difficult set of enemies. In addition to the new mode, two new maps will be added for competitive play: “The Highrise” features a series of destroyed and under-construction buildings, based on the Nepal map from the single player campaign. “The Museum” is based on the tutorial level from the story, featuring a number of secret climbing routes to get a better vantage point.

The add-on will be available on April 22nd on the PlayStation Store. Check out the gallery below for screenshots.

New Skins
Wetsuit Drake
Baseball Shirt Drake
Dead Explorer

New Trophies
You Can’t Break Me – Complete all 3 co-op objective maps on Crushing
Under Siege – Finish Wave 10 in 1 Siege game
Speedy – Get 10 First! Medals
I’ll Cover You – Get 50 Defender Medals
Fallen Angel – Get 50 Afterlife Medals
Not So Fast – Get 20 Shut’em Down Medals
Jack of All Trades – Get 15 Triple Threat Medals
You Run, I’ll Shoot – Get 10 Protectorate Medals
Back At Ya – Get 50 Retaliation Medals
Kneel Before Z… – Get 5 Put-em Down Medals

Rock a Rhyme – Get 100 Tricky Medals

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  • After recently beating Uncharted! 3, I decided to replay Uncharted! 2 and now have the Siege Expansion Pack, but I have a question: I’m really into the single-player/Campaign Mode and don’t really care for the Co-Op or Multiplayer experience. With that being said, is there really anything in the Expansion Pack that I would find fulfilling? Everything I’ve read talks about the new Co-Op & Multiplayer stuff and how cool it is but it never actually mentions if there’s anything new regarding the Campaign Mode. It’s been roughly 22 months since you wrote this article so I wasn’t sure if you’d even remember, but I thought if anyone would remember, it would be you! Thanks for your help!

    • So far, Naughty Dog hasn’t released anything for any Uncharted game’s DLC that has to do with the single player experience. I think they realize how strong their single player campaigns are and like to leave them “as is.”

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