The 'Resident Evil: Afterlife' trailer that debuted at WonderCon.

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Rob Logan

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  • uugh. First, you know it’s going to be bad when all they are advertising is the fact it’s in 3D, nothing about: plot, effects, action, etc. It amazes me that they’re in this post-apocalyptic world environment where everyone is dead or a zombie, there’s barely any food or water, yet there are plentiful amounts of cosmetics and sexy clothes that are the worst defensive choice against zombies; yes lets leave the shoulders and limbs completely open. Anyone remember the last movie where they had to put a post effect over Mila’s skin because I guess they forgot makeup on her.

    • Yeah, the Resident Evil movies have all been pretty ridiculous. Ever since seeing that motorcycle crashing through a stained glass window it’s become a franchise which seems to be a parody of action movies.