Our staff answers THE QUESTION: What's the most disappointing movie you've ever seen?

THE QUESTION: What’s the most disappointing movie you’ve ever seen?

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Rob: For me, the most disappointing movie I’ve ever seen would have to be Spider-Man 3. Spider-Man set a new bar for superhero films in general as it finally made it feel realistic that these heroes were now believable in our world. Spider-Man 2 raised the bar, dazzling us once again by creating stunning visuals backed up by a great story and a truly sympathetic villain in Doctor Octopus. Then, just when you were getting your hopes up, Spider-Man 3 came along. First, we get the Sandman who provides us with an entirely rewritten origin story for Parker, destroying the very essence of what makes the character into Spider-Man. Next, Venom…the most popular, anticipated Spidey-villain there is…and it’s Topher Grace…and he’s horrible. Venom ruined. Then, Harry Osborn’s all set up to be the next Green Goblin, or maybe the Hobgoblin, but is he?? No, he’s not. He’s some sci-fi snowboarder who looks like he got half his face stuck in a meat grinder. Oh joy. I love when they invent new characters instead of pulling from the HUGE library of established ones that people are eager to see on the big screen. And then, just when you thought it couldn’t hit a low any lower…emo-Parker…and a dance number…and somebody shoot me already…

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Doug: My pick is The Matrix: Reloaded. I had gone into the first movie with such low expectations and was pleasantly surprised to be blown away. The second one was supposed to be bigger, better, and more mind-bending than the first. Instead, it was full of albino rastafarian ghosts, dull, repetitive action sequences, and a bunch of pseudo-philosophy that confused density with depth.

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Timm: The most disappointing release in my lifetime was the new Alice in Wonderland. I can’t even get into detail about how devastated I was, so, you’ll have to read my review.

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Bryan: I hate to make this a boring answer but I as well have to say the new Star Wars Trilogy. Terrible acting. Terrible story. And the one part I was waiting for, the birth of Darth Vader, was ruined with him screaming “Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!” So, so, bad.

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Brian: Star Wars 1, 2 and 3. I know we only asked for one, but these movies were just terrible. Maybe I’m bias because I’ll take old school effects over pure CGI any day… but yeah. Star Wars 1-3 will forever be a disappointment. And Jar Jar… need I say more??

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Dave: You ever have a dream where you’re watching a movie, and it makes no sense and is totally different from any expectation? That is how I felt after seeing Star Wars: Episode I. The second two weren’t as disappointing only because I was expecting them to be disappointing. Episode I was this amazing hyped up thing, and then after the movie was over.. I felt as if I was having a nightmare… I went home, lied down on my bed and stared at the ceiling for an hour glancing back at the Episode I posters I had bought and placed on my wall before the movie came out. I still can’t believe to this day how George Lucas could be a creator and a destroyer to Star Wars.

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  • Fellas,

    I’ll agree with you that Ep. 1 was a massive theatrical disappointment. But you can’t write off 2 and (especially) 3, because that’s where we have the
    downfall of our hero. Yes, Anakin/Vader is the hero in that franchise, not
    that pussy Luke. Anakin’s fall from grace in Ep. 3 is what makes him “the chosen one” to balance the force in Ep. 6.