Our staff answers THE QUESTION: What is your favorite opening title sequence in a movie?

THE QUESTION: What is your favorite opening title sequence in a movie?

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Rob: My favorite opening title sequence for a movie would have to be Spider-Man 2. Continuing the trend from the first movie’s intro, we start off by following Spidey’s web as it comes together. This time around we’re lead through a rehashing of the events of Spider-Man in the best possible way. Key characters and scenes are shown using the artwork of one of my all-time favorites, Alex Ross. The comic book panel type intro gets you into the right frame of mind while the summary gets you back to the point where you left off from the first film, and from there you hit the ground running.

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Doug: I’ve always been fond of the title sequence to Dead Again. Patrick Doyle’s brassy score immediately grounds the movie in old-school thriller territory, while the camera relentlessly pans across the period newspaper headlines that delineate the movie’s central mystery.

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Bryan: I dunno why, but as a kid, I always loved the 1989 Batman opening with the Elfman score and the tunnels and it ending in the bat symbol. Also, any of the old Superman movies…the Williams music and the flashing of the S symbol (yes, I write comic book columns for a reason).

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Brian: I thought the opening sequence in the movie Se7en was pretty sweet. It was creepy, but not overly done, and simply set the mood for the crazy ass movie you were about to watch.

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Dave: The opening sequences to the Naked Gun movie franchise are pure comedy genius.

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