The Superman elseworld gets a 10th season renewal.

In what appears to be the new yearly trend for Smallville, the CW has announced the renewal of the show while fans have been left thinking this could be the final season. As a fan that’s been watching from the beginning, I’m glad to see the saga continue, but going into Season 10 I beg the show to lift the no costume/no flying rule it had established at the beginning. I’m sick of watching a show about “The Blur” who dresses like Keanu Reeves from The Matrix. I actually kinda like the costume as it reminds me of ‘The Death of Superman’ regeneration suit, but I want to see Clark get airborne already. The show can’t put off maturing any longer. The ultimate would be to see the show end right as the release of the next Superman film takes place….and yes, that means I want Tom Welling in the role of Superman. Make it happen Nolans.

The CW has launched this new promo for Smallville‘s return on April 2nd.

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    • If you want to see a show about superpowers and an elseworld version of Superman, then you’ll enjoy it. You just need to be OK with them taking some liberties with the Supes-universe. At times it feels like a repeated formula of “new superpowered villain shows up and is ultimately defeated”, but the series is best when it goes deeper than that. I’ve seen every episode and I’m still an avid watcher.

  • I got through the first 5 seasons of Smallville and absolutely loved it! However, by the end of season 7 I felt that they were just digging too much. If they don’t get started on having Clark actually becoming Superman soon, the series might not have the opportunity to. I am happy to see that they are still doing well, and Welling does an amazing job of playing Clark Kent, I have always thought that. Along with some other powerhouse actors on the show playing roles that fit them very well, I still consider myself a fan of the show. Unfortunately though if they do not do something soon, the show might just fall victim to a horrible and unforgivable ending (example :Sliders… anyone?).

    On another note, I would love to see Welling play in “The Man of Steel” – It’s not like he doesn’t already know the ins and outs of his character.

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